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W3C Tenth Anniversary

So tomorrow I’m off to Boston for the W3C10 Symposium (which will be good fun) and the W3C Advisory Committee meeting (actual work). I’ve been doing Web (and before then publishing by email and FTP) since before there was a

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Journalists at Fox News Should Take Note

This report on the revolt of TV journalists in the Ukraine from BBC news online gives me hope for humanity. It’s the latest twist in what is turning into an edge-of-your seat story of politics on the brink. These people

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I Love Virgin Atlantic

They’re not only the best long-haul airline flying. They’re also really unfathomably cool and they have great customer service. As evidence, I submit the fact that even though my “gold” frequent flyer status had expired because I haven’t flown enough

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The Mobile Web

So last week, I co-chaired a W3C workshop on the “Mobile Web.” It was really challenging bringing such a diverse group of companies together for this, but in the end it was a great success. Read the paper I wrote

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International Election Observers

So every American should read this OSCE news releases. International observers (from the OSCE — Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) were monitoring our elections (invited by the U.S. State Department). This is a really good thing, because it

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I have to say — it’s better. I’ve been using it for a few months now in different incarnations and I’m impressed. It’s so fast that it makes this dinosaur of a laptop at work seem fast. It may be

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Compound Documents

So I’m here in Sophia Antipolis at this W3C working group meeting for XML Compound Documents. It doesn’t sound very sexy, but actually… well OK it isn’t very sexy. But it’s potentially important for the development of the Mobile Web

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Well crap.

So if W wins the day, which looks inevitable at this point, what then? My worry is that the coalition of organizations that have come together in opposition of Bush in this last year have essentially “shot their wad.” What

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Visit to Highgate

So yesterday we (the family) went to Highgate — which has a reputation of being a really nice and historical part of London that we’ve been living near but have never been to. Highgate itself was beautiful — village atmosphere

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Who is Daniel K. Appelquist?

I'm an American ex-pat living in London and an independent consultant and advocate for emerging web technologies, the open web, open source and open data. As well, I am co-chair of the W3C Technical Architecture Group, I am a founder and co-organizer of the Over the Air hack day series and a founder of Mobile Monday London. I'm a former .com CTO and subsequent .com refugee. I am a parent dealing with the increasing complexities of raising children in a hyper-connected world.

If you are so inclined, you may find my public key on

My books:
Mobile Internet for Dummies

For more info, see my Linkedin profile.

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