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U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Military Tribunals at Guantanamo

Score one for the rule of law. See Reuters article (spelling seems OK).

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News Travels Fast

Wow! Let’s take a look at where that news item about the Mobile Web Best Practices has gone as of yesterday evening. You can tell which are based on the Reuters article and which are based on the original W3C

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Reuters Misspelled My Name

Reuters did a great article on the Mobile Web Best Practices. Too bad they misspelled my name, misquoted me and got about 2 out of 4 facts wrong. Now I know that I have a name that invites misspelling, but

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W3C to Help the NSA Snoop Social Networks?

Here’s an interesting article on the unintended consequences of social networking. Basically, it is reported that the NSA is snooping social networking sites (with the juicy twist that it plans to do so using Semantic Web technology – more on

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GoGo MoMo

Mobile Monday is really hitting its stride. We held our 8th event last night and the turn-out was good (we filled the space), the speakers were fantastic, the demos were… interesting, and the “vibe” during the reception was great. We

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Laptops in the Tube

Here’s an interesting trend: I am seeing more and more laptop usage in the Tube these days. To the New-Yorker in me, it would be unthinkable to get out my laptop and start typing away on any kind of public

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Blackberry Wishlist Item #459

I want the ability to prioritize email when I read it on the Blackberry. Whenever I read my email on the blackberry (say when I’m on my way to work on the Tube), there are always a few that I

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Who is Daniel K. Appelquist?

I'm an American ex-pat living in London and an independent consultant and advocate for emerging web technologies, the open web, open source and open data. As well, I am co-chair of the W3C Technical Architecture Group, I am a founder and co-organizer of the Over the Air hack day series and a founder of Mobile Monday London. I'm a former .com CTO and subsequent .com refugee. I am a parent dealing with the increasing complexities of raising children in a hyper-connected world.

If you are so inclined, you may find my public key on

My books:
Mobile Internet for Dummies

For more info, see my Linkedin profile.

More (probably than you ever wanted to know) about Torgo.


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