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Mobile Web Usage Notes

In the spirit of “eating my own dog food,” I’ve been using the Web more and more often from mobile devices over the past year — in particular from the Blackberry 8700. For things like keeping up to date with

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Device Description Nirvana

So I’m off to Madrid for the Mobile Web Initiative Device Descriptions workshop. What is this all about? While I’ve been busying myself with chairing a working group on Mobile Web Best Practices, Rotan Hanrahan from MobileAware has been chairing

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Even "The Register" Agrees

The Mobile Web Best Practices “show a new awareness of the need to help websites work better on small screens.” Ok — so the title of the article is “W3C guidelines inadequate” but for the Register, this reads like a

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Who is Daniel K. Appelquist?

I'm an American Ex-Pat living in London. I'm a father of two and husband of one. I am the Open Web Advocate for Telefónica Digital, focusing on the Open Web Device. I founded Mobile Monday London, Over the Air and the Mobile 2.0 conference series.

The opinions expressed here are my own, however, and neither Telefónica nor any other party necessarily agrees with them.

My books:
Mobile Internet for Dummies

For more info, see my Linkedin profile.

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