Solar System 2.0 Redux

Well Pluto got kicked out of the planet club today. It’s now a “dwarf planet.” Don’t they mean “little planet” or “sized-challenged planet”? The insensitivity of it all! Well, I will be sad to see Pluto go, and it will be really difficult to explain it to my 4-year-old. These scientists! They’re all about “a triumph of science over sentimentality” but do they have to deal with the emotional fall-out when you turn a toddler’s world upside down? I don’t think so.

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One comment on “Solar System 2.0 Redux
  1. David says:

    Politically-correct language is more important than ever. Interesting how this makes prior printed books inaccurate on the planets in our solar system. This topic reminds me of the more recent event in Zodiac date ranges changing due to re-alignment – now we are in the “beyond” category.

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