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Madrid’s Beautiful New Airport

This is the 2nd time this year I’ve traveled through Madrid’s beautiful new airport. It’s still wowing me. For my trip to Oviedo to go to W3C Mobile Web Initiative meetings this week and speak at Fundamentos Web next week,

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Mobile Web Kerfuffle

It’s been an exciting week in the blogosphere for the Mobile Web. First Barbara Ballard posts part 1 of an article on “What’s Wrong with the Mobile Web.” This is followed up on by both Andrea Trassati and Mike Rowehl

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What is “Mobile 2.0″?

The terms “Mobile 2.0″ and “Mobile Web 2.0″ are being thrown around these days quite a bit, but nobody has really put together a concise definition of what Mobile 2.0 is and how it differs from what has come before,

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N73 Sample Picture

Just to underscore my previous post, here’s a quick picture I snapped this morning on my way to work. This was taken one-handed while carrying a cup of coffee, by the way. The close-focusing is great. You can’t argue with

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N73 Update

[ad] Well, it’s been about two weeks since I wrote gushingly about the Nokia N73 on this page. Has the bloom come off the rose? Well – in some small ways, yes, and I will detail those here, but in

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Lifeblog Usage Notes

Is the N73 with Lifeblog the ultimate blogging device? As I write this, standing up on the Tube on my way home. I’m tempted to say ‘yes.’ It certainly provides a content creation environment where you can quickly jot down

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Who is Daniel K. Appelquist?

I'm an American Ex-Pat living in London and dealing with the increasing complexities of parenting in the digital world. I am the Open Web Advocate for Telefónica, focusing on the Firefox OS project. I am a founder and co-organizer of the Over the Air hack day series as well as a founder of Mobile Monday London & Mobile 2.0. I'm a former .com CTO and subsequent .com refugee. I like a good burger.

If you are so inclined, you may find my public key on

The opinions expressed here are my own, however, and neither Telefónica nor any other party necessarily agrees with them.

My books:
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