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Annoying Bugs

There are two particularly annoying bugs in the Nokia Series-60 (Webkit-based) Web Browser: Check-boxes don’t work. In order to “check” a check-box in a form and make it “stick,” you have to click it (so it appears checked), click it

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Bees Come Down?

There’s a great article in today’s IHT on the whole bees vs. mobile phones issue. Are mobile phones to blame for the mysterious “Colony Collapse Disorder” afflicting North American bee colonies? Actually it looks like some journos latched onto a

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Center for the Handheld Web at RIT?

Most surprising presentation (at least for me) at the Forum Oxford event was from Jeff Sonstein at Rochester Institute of Technology’s “Center for the Handheld Web.” Center for the Handheld Web? I couldn’t believe my eyes — these guys have

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On My Way to Oxford

This morning I’m on my way to the Future Technologies event in Oxford. I’ve never actually been to Oxford, which evidenced this morning when I got on the wrong train at Paddington.  So now I’m going to be late, which

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Who is Daniel K. Appelquist?

I'm an American ex-pat living in London and an independent consultant and advocate for emerging web technologies, the open web, open source and open data. As well, I am co-chair of the W3C Technical Architecture Group, I am a founder and co-organizer of the Over the Air hack day series and a founder of Mobile Monday London. I'm a former .com CTO and subsequent .com refugee. I am a parent dealing with the increasing complexities of raising children in a hyper-connected world.

If you are so inclined, you may find my public key on

My books:
Mobile Internet for Dummies

For more info, see my Linkedin profile.

More (probably than you ever wanted to know) about Torgo.


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