Aspen, Colorado Part 1

For February half-term break, I was lucky enough to go with my parents and my sister to Aspen, Colorado, in the west of the USA. Aspen is a town in which silver used to be mined, and today it is a famous ski resort with exciting things to do in both the winter and summer.

The Monorail at Atlanta Airport

It took a long time to get there. Firstly, we flew to Atlanta on Virgin Atlantic. This was one of my favourite parts, as I had never flown through the world’s busiest airport before.  Next, we flew on Delta to Denver, Colorado, the closest big city to Aspen, and then got into a van called the Colorado Mountain Express, which would take us to Aspen in about four hours.

On our first day in Aspen, we mostly relaxed to get used to the altitude before going skiing. But we did do some interesting things. For example, we went to the Pitkin County Library, which has a big selection of different types of books. Afterwards, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Su Casa, which serves excellent enchiladas, tacos and guacamole. We also went to Four Mountain Sports to rent our skis and snowboards. It had been a great first day in Aspen.

Downtown Aspen
Downtown Aspen

Skiing on the mountain was a great experience. For the first 3 days, I was in a lesson with about 5 other children, and I skied at an area called Buttermilk with a buddy called Spencer who was very helpful. Whilst skiing, we saw two interesting things: a memorial dedicated to three ski instructors called Frog, Toad and Uncle Chuck, and a wooden structure called Fort Frog. At the end of the first and second days, I went with my dad, my sister, my aunt, Karen, and her boyfriend, Chris, for a run down the mountain.

Skiing is Great!


For the rest of my holiday in Aspen, see Part 2!

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