I Love Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic logoThey’re not only the best long-haul airline flying. They’re also really unfathomably cool and they have great customer service. As evidence, I submit the fact that even though my “gold” frequent flyer status had expired because I haven’t flown enough segments this year, they re-upped it anyway after I wrote them a very nice letter. Wow! But the real differentiator is Virgin’s new upper class seat, which just runs circles around anyone else’s business class. And Virgin’s “Upper Class” is business class — they don’t have a “first class” — which is another benefit because when you fly Upper Class on Virgin, you are top dog. When you fly business class on some other airlines, there is a whole group of people on the airplane that is more elite than you are, and that’s no good. This seat, though, is like a mini cabin — it’s a completely personal space. The design is great — everything is highly usable and comfortable — as are the materials and build construction. I’ve been flying Virgin since 1997 — when they were the first airline to include seat-back video screens, even in Economy — and they consistently manage to raise the bar each year, throughout the airplane. Another recent innovation is a video-on-demand service (again, available in every class) that’s invaluable when you’re traveling with a toddler.

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3 Comments on “I Love Virgin Atlantic

  1. My experience of Virgin is not good.
    My wife is a regular flyer to Hong Kong and usually goes with Air NZ. Great airline and no problems.
    Had to use Virgin and never will again. Economy is vastly inferior and they wouldn’t let me her upgrade her seat for the return trip, when I called from the UK, even to Upper Class because they would only speak to the traveller.
    Normal data protection stuff. I think it extraordinary that a business will prevent a husband giving his wife a surprise by selling an upgrade and thus making more money.
    Sorry Virgin but if your employ autonomons we won’t b be flying with you, because that suggests that we’re just another punter rather than a valued customer.

  2. After booking a trip to Amsterdamn and then on to Othere places. Up on returning I only ran in to all kind of problem with this line. Now anyone whom has long legs is not going to have a good seat on virgin econimy secion they go t the seat way to close.

    I heard many of the other airline agent in amsterdam say that it was very hard for them to deal with Virgin.

    On my trip home they have overbook and would not give me a refund or find me a flight on a different airline . I had to shell out big buck to get a differnt flight on a different airline. Thank God for UNITED

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