Mobile Web in Japan

Some anecdotal evidence of the shape of the Mobile Web in Japan:

  • An advertisement with multiple URLs on it, each for access over a different carrier
  • Every content provider has to code their service or application multiple times for different carriers (XHTML-MP, XHTML-Basic, CHTML, MML, etc…)
  • Everyone is walking around using their mobile phone (no different than Europe, actually), but it seems to me that this is mostly for messaging

It seems there are some mobile Web problems in the land of the rising sun. The Mobile Web Initiative could help to tackle these problems by rallying the industry around specific profiles and standards.

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4 Comments on “Mobile Web in Japan

  1. According to my brother who lives in crazy Tokyo, email, games and “mobile web” (you pointed out the flaky definition of that for Japan) browsing are equally used on mobile terminals by Japanese people on the train, etc.

  2. Nice article, thanks

    On a side note, the dotMobi mTLD (mobile top level domain) has just been released and is in the sunrise registration period…the promise of dotMobi is to ensure that those sites with dotMobi extension will be tuned to mobile browsing…it is thus expected to make mobile browsing a far more enriching experience.

    One can expect a number of .mobi web sites – those that conform with standards for mobile browsing – to be online starting Oct 2006?while opinion is divided whether dotMobi will revolutionise mobile browsing or would be just another flash in the pan, when one considers that there are four mobile phones for every PC on earth, it certainly appears worth trying out a separate TLD?and it is also indeed true that accessing many web sites over mobile today is not exactly a pleasant experience?so who knows!

    More info on dotMobi can be found at – the Dot Mobi Directory, this site also plans to start a dotMobi directory soon

    Ec from IT, Software Database @

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