The Replacement Blackberry

Blackberry 8700So I got my new Blackberry – this fancy 8700. Something has been bugging me about it and I just realized what it is! The display is not reflective — that is, the back-light has to be on for you to see anything. With the older Blackberry model you could generally read the display even in low light conditions by angling it correctly without having to turn on the back-light. I think this was cool – not just from a battery life perspective but because you didn’t have to press a button to see the status — like what time/date it is or how many new messages you’ve received. You could just glance. With the new device, even though it’s spiffier in lots of ways (lighter, faster, higher-res screen, much better browser) it’s missing this key usability element. I’m a bit disappointed, but I suppose I’ll have to get used to it. The styling is also a bit funky/retro for my tastes – it’s got this speaker grille on the back that looks like something Ming the Merciless might talk into. Still, I guess that’s progress.

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