My “to-do” List

Here’s snapshot of my day:

  1. Present some of the work we’ve been doing in Mobile Web Initiative and dotMobi to some important internal stakeholders
  2. Go to Heathrow
  3. Get my iris scanned
  4. Fly to Düsseldorf
  5. On the plane, write a use case for my friend Phil’s Web Content Labels working group
  6. When I get off the plane, immediately jump into chairing the Mobile Web Best Practices weekly conference calls where we have to finally resolve to publish a “2nd last call” despite numerous contentious issues being raised from all quarters
  7. Convene and host a conference call about innovation in Vodafone
  8. Have a beer

At this writing, I’ve done steps 1-3, and in the mean time a company “restructuring” has been announced. Suffice to say: it’s one of those days. I can’t wait until #8.

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