Comeks on your Phone and Global Peers

Comic of Alex produced with Comek application

Using Comeks, in 5 minutes I was able to author this on a Nokia N70, including image manipulation, based on a picture that was already there in memory. That’s no mean feat for an application that runs on a phone and relies on a key-pad and 4-way rocker switch as its only means of user input. The one thing I could wish for is a “save to blog” or “save to Flickr” function — maybe they need to do an integration with ShoZu, another great application featured at this week’s Mobile Monday Global Summit. ShoZu was our entrant into the Global Peer Awards but it was Toronto’s ComVu that took top honors with their live video broadcasting application. Live video broadcasting from a Mobile! Even working for an operator, I shudder to think of the data costs on that one!

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