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I actually do my own version of PC Recycling — it’s called the laptop graveyard under my desk. I now have three laptops there from previous generations of technology: First there’s a Powerbook Duo 210. This was my first laptop — absolutely cutting edge for its time — it featured a gray-scale passive matrix screen and clocked in at an unbelievable 25 MHz. It was and still is the lightest Apple laptop — weighing in at 4.2 lbs. Then there was the IBM 386 piece-of-sh*t Thinkpad that I inherited from an ex-boss. 640×480 screen. It was awful. Finally, my beloved Sony VAIO laptop that only recently gave up the ghost — well 3 years ago anyway — the only non-Apple PC I ever really bonded with. That one I got as “severance” from a former employer – no I did not steal it. I got them to agree to make it part of my severance package when they downsized me. Good thing too, since it was the only part of my severance package I actually received. I’m over it though. Not bitter. Really.

Anyway, they each have a story to tell and some measure of sentimental value — Ok maybe not the Thinkpad. The Duo is perfectly functional as well — there’s just currently no way to get data in or out of it because it only has one port (serial/Appletalk). I figure they’ll stay in the laptop graveyard under my desk for now.

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