Pasta Mobiles? It’s Science!

Prototype Pasta-based Circuit Board
The London Science Museum is featuring an exhibit called “Dead Ringers?” which highlights the problem that discarded phones pose to the environment. By their count, 1712 mobiles a day are upgraded, and if not properly recycled they can leak poisonous materials. It’s a great little exhibit but unfortunately it didn’t do enough to highlight how people can recycle their phones now. For example, at Vodafone (in the U.K. anyway) there is actually a program in place to accept phones for recycling at any Vodafone store where any money made goes to the Autistic Society.

One of the coolest things in the exhibit though was a showcase of some technology under development to make phones bio-degradable and/or easier to recycle. Of particular interest to me was an exhibit of a prototype Pasta-based circuit board. Personally, I find this very exciting because it combines two keen interests of mine: mobile technology and Italian food. Lots of other cool stuff on display as well – I highly recommend checking out their site and visiting the exhibit.

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1 Comment on “Pasta Mobiles? It’s Science!

  1. AFAIK Vodafone Italia does the same.

    Apple US is accepting PC’s and Mac’s to be recycled from anyone buying a new Mac. I don’t know if they do the same in Italy or around Europe.

    HP in US is doing the same with cartidges. Unfortunately in Italy they are NOT!

    Everyone should do it or take care of their electronics.

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