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There was a great article in today’s Herald Tribune (my “lifeline” to the US) on the very timely topic of Mobile Advertising. Why timely? Because the next Mobile Monday London event (run with and Sponsored by the MMA) will focus on this very topic. I especially liked this article because it focuses on companies that are going beyond SMS advertising and bringing Web-style banner ads and other innovations to the mobile. You may ask why, as a technologist, I am so excited about the prospect of mobile advertising? Well — look at it this way: advertising is the engine that is powering innovation in companies like Yahoo! and Google right now. If we can bring more targeted advertising to the mobile platform, in a way that preserves user privacy and choice, I believe it will lead to greater investment in the mobile platform by content providers and therefore more sophisticated applications and services being available over this platform.

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3 Comments on “Mobile Advertising in the News

  1. You may be excited about banner adds in phones, but after one day of using my new phone on 3 I am really keen to turn it off (a search for how to do it is how I ended up here!).
    If I can’t get the banner adds switched off, the phone will have to go back. I have to put up with them on the web (which I get for free), I am not prepared to put up with them on the phone (which costs money). Ok, I will put up with them if I get the phone and services for free, but until that happens, I won’t.
    As to powering innovation at google and yahoo, the maps are nice on google, but inovation is hardly advanced and I don’t recall the last thing yahoo innovated.

  2. I agree with you in that mobile advertising doesn’t make sense if you’re paying for the advertising. However, if you are getting the service for a low fixed cost, mobile (Web) ads make sense, IMO, just as they do on the Web.

  3. Well, mobile advertising has certainly permitted Cellufun to innovate, and to bring free, quality mobile content to many people across the world. Advertising, done right, has its place.

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