N73 Sample Picture

Flowers at Embankment GardensJust to underscore my previous post, here’s a quick picture I snapped this morning on my way to work. This was taken one-handed while carrying a cup of coffee, by the way. The close-focusing is great. You can’t argue with the color either (I switched to manual white balance). There’s nothing to stop this from being a really nice image. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see tons of compression artifacts and edge effects caused by excessive sharpening. These are even more apparent on the original 2048/1536 image. For comparison, take a look at this image I captured with my Canon S50. Now I realize that this is comparing apples and oranges to some degree, but I maintain the image quality of the N73 doesn’t have to be this bad. If at “high” quality, it were compressing less, the image output would much better looking.

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