New N73 Software Drop Includes Wizzy Search App


Christmas seems to have come early this year for Nokia N73 owners. When I downloaded and installed the latest software build yesterday, I was surprised to find a new application – a search application that allows you to search Yahoo! and Windows Live as well as local directories (such as in the UK). The search results are provided quickly and clicking on each result brings up a quick summary of the page before offering to bring it up in a browser (the Series 60 Open Source Browser) or bookmark it. It’s a great, simple UI for mobile search that’s well integrated into the phone and the browser. And it allows you to download updates over the air. It reminds me a bit of Apple’s Sherlock application. The update, by the way, also seems to speed up the phone UI and so far it also seems more stable (no phone crashes yet, but I’ve only had it installed for 24 hours or so).

The only issue I have here is about the phone update process itself. I had to somehow know that an application (PC only) exists, download it, and then connect my phone via the USB cable in order to update the software. There is no over-the-air update available, even though it seems like this should be feasible with a big enough memory card to store the image. But the bigger issue is just getting the word out about this update — this could be a major quality of life improvement for N73 owners, but the only reason I know about it is because I’m in the industry. It seems like Nokia needs a better way to get these updates out there into users’ hands.

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2 Comments on “New N73 Software Drop Includes Wizzy Search App

  1. Upgrading the firmware is super-cool to me.

    The Sony Ericsson W810i (and I believe most recent SE devices) let you upgrade directly from the phone or with a PC client. Pretty cool. They even let you configure the phone to remind you periodically if you want to check for a new version.
    The downsite is that downloading the firmware OTA is expesive. 3MB are going to cost me 18 Euro in Italy!

    I wrote about OTA firmware upgrade on my blog.

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