Do I Want a Nokia N800?

Nokia N800On paper, this looks like a fabulous device. It’s got a high-res screen. It’s faster than its predecessor, the 770. It has a great browser, Opera. It’s got audio, video, the promise of Skype calling… It’s got a web cam for Internet-based video calling. Linux based, it’s open to third party developers. It’s also pretty cheap for what it does.

On the minus side, do I really need another device to lug around with me? I actually already have an iPod, a Blackberry and an N73 and I don’t realistically see the N800 replacing any of those. And you can’t drive presentations off of it so it can’t replace the laptop either, except in very specific situations. I suppose it could theoretically replace the iPod, but what about all that Fairplay-DRM’d music (doh!).

No. I’m fairly sure that if I did buy this, it would sit around in my living room gathering dust, only occasionally picked up to look up some obscure trivia on IMDB or Wikipedia. I dunno — am I wrong? Am I missing something here? I’m happy to be convinced.

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3 Comments on “Do I Want a Nokia N800?

  1. I used my laptop for IMDB in front of the telly. Works well enough. I just don;t get why everyone – including Apple – has gone so anti-keyboard lately. I mean it’s the best input device ever invented.

  2. …so would the iPhone be any different? I think it could at least replace your iPod (if 4GB/8GB is enough) and maybe also your N73 and the Blackberry? The remaining question now is: Can the iPhone also replace the N800? Aside from Skype (which will surely be available at some point) and video calling it should do it. If you don’t mind a potentially closed platform that is…

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