Is Apple’s iPhone the Ultimate Mobile 2.0 Device?

It sure looks like it. High-res screen. Built-in cellular and WIFI radios. Built on top of MacOS (open operating system). Touch-screen. Safari browser. Video. Music. It’s got it all! Analysis: Apple has done it again. Just watching the coverage on (on my Nokia N70, by the way, utilizing Mobile Ajax in the Series-60 browser). One thing comes to mind though: how do you keep the thing clean? Also, it doesn’t have 3g, just GSM and EDGE? Hello, Apple! I want my 3G iPhone!

I still want one, though.

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3 Comments on “Is Apple’s iPhone the Ultimate Mobile 2.0 Device?

  1. We all want one :)

    But you are correct, it does push all the (virtual) mobile 2.0 buttons. Still, do we need 3G do to this? Yes, web browsing etc will be slower but your content won’t be downloaded over the air, that will be synced from iTunes. The one thing it does have that surprised and pleased me is the location support built in.

    And finally they have solved the multi tab support in a nice way

  2. open? this thing is gonna be more locked down than any phone ever made. a closed system – surely not the route the industry should be going down.

  3. Yes, jfisher — Unfortunately it looks like you’re right. Hopefully the Safari browser will provide a fully featured Web application deployment environment (AJAX) — that would be one mitigating factor. The absence of Java is a shocker.

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