3GSM Thoughts

So. After experiencing the 3GSM conference for the second time, what are my thoughts? First of all, I am very much more impressed with the event this year than I was last year. It’s even bigger (60,000 attendees this year up from 50,000 last year). There’s a greater variety of content here. Last year, as I said, it was all about MobileTV. This year, there were still people talking about MobileTV, but you also have lots of people talking about things like mobile Linux and open source, location based services and of course mobile Web. Lots of great product announcements. New version of Yahoo! go – looks very cool. I downloaded it but haven’t really taken it for a spin yet. Many people have commented positively on the trend of operators becoming “more open” – a good trend. There seem to be more startups this year and in general much more innovation on a number of fronts. Lots of people receptive to the Betavine message I was spreading around. All in all, a great and hopefully productive week. Hopefully some more coherent thoughts soon — right now it’s time to sleep.

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