3GSM: Tim Berners-Lee’s Keynote

Tim Berners-Lee\'s Keynote at the 3GSM Innovation ForumIt’s 10:00 on Monday and Tim Berners-Lee has just delivered his keynote address. The key message: the Web is an open platform and an enabling technology layer and as the Web moves into the mobile platform (“convergence”), we need to keep the Web open. It’s a simple message, but it bears repeating, especially here at 3GSM where so much of the hype tends to be about vertical applications such as Mobile TV and music downloads. The Web’s openness is precisely what has fueled its success and allowed it to be such a global success story. I hope that message is received here at the conference.

Side note: there is no free wireless network here! There is a “pay for” wireless network available — for €200! I don’t think so. Very unimpressed. Come on GSM Association — get someone to sponsor free Wifi. There’s sponsorship on everything else — it shouldn’t be so difficult. A so-called “back-channel” is becoming de regeur at events like this around the world. Especially as 3GSM embraces so-called Internet-Mobile convergence, it’s vital to activate that back-channel.

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1 Comment on “3GSM: Tim Berners-Lee’s Keynote

  1. Too right Dan, it should be free! Your advice echos what I told the organisers of Internet World in London.

    BTW, is their a podcast of Tim’s speech?

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