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Moconews published a good summary of the panel on mobile search that I sat on at 3GSM. One thing not covered in the article: mobile web skepticism still rampant. A guy from the audience still didn’t believe you could have a compelling Web experience on a phone, let alone a good search experience. I told him he might need a new phone. After the panel, I sat down with him and took him through the mobile search app that was bundled on my N73, then through a Yahoo! search using Opera Mini on my Blackberry (since he was using an older Blackberry). He left a convert, I think and he might not need a new phone after all if his existing phone can run Opera Mini.

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4 Comments on “Moco News Coverage of Mobile Search Panel

  1. Interesting that you converted this guy so quickly. People simply don’t understand mobile or its potential. Despite the success of opera mini – users are still ignorant about it. The minute all devices are pre-loaded with applications such as Yahoo! Go… this attitude will change….. at least until consumers receive their first mobile data bill.

  2. It’s part of the nature of the mobile platform that it is not describable. You have to actually work with it in order to understand it. This was also true of the Web — I remember the first time someone described a Web browser to me thinking they were off their rocker. But once I sat down in front of one it immediately clicked.

  3. Thanks for linking to my coverage. I’d be interested in knowing what you make of another idea proposed during the session: Will search become a commodity and be embedded in all mobile services? Also,please share some of your views on the intersection between mobile social networks and search. Great blog – and I’ll be a regular.

  4. Thanks, Peggy. I do basically agree that search will be embedded in all mobile devices but I do not necessarily agree it will be come “a commodity.” I think there is plenty of room for specialization in search, especially in mobile search where both the quality of results (matched to a particular context) and the user experience are such crucial elements. I think we will see a great deal of innovation in both these areas over the coming year, from the established Internet search players, from operators, from equipment manufacturers, and from startups.

    As for mobile social networks: a social network (who you connect to, in the simplest terms) provides semantic information which can be used to enhance context and therefore further refine search criteria (or aid you in prioritizing incoming communication). Nobody has really figured out how to do this … yet. Companies that work out how to mine this kind of metadata and use it to enhance search and other applications (while still maintaining privacy and user trust) will be well positioned to take market share from the established providers. So that’s one possible connection. Curious to know what else you had in mind.

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