Vodafone Betavine Launches!

Betavine LogoToday we launched something that we’ve been working on for a while here at Vodafone. It’s a developer community portal called “Vodafone Betavine.” The idea of the site is to be a resource to the developer community, especially individual or small company developers working on mobile and communication-oriented applications across a range of platforms. There are other developer portals out there, but they tend to be either platform specific or otherwise tied into a commercial process.
Vodafone Betavine is an R&D effort and as such is pre-commercial in nature. It’s aim is to stimulate the developer community and thereby encourage growth of the whole ecosystem. Stuff that gets uploaded to Betavine remains the property of the contributor. It’s a place to get people to download your applications, test them, comment on them, etc… Likewise, we hope it will become a place to go to find great, innovative apps that you’ll want to download and test.

The site itself is still in the Beta phase, but will continue to improve over time as we keep rolling more featutes into it. This project is being run like a Web 2.0 startup within a big corporate. As such, continual releases and improvements as well as direct feedback from and communication with the site development team will be a key aspect. This is something new for Vodafone and we’d all appreciate your support with making it a success. If you’re a developer and you have an app that’s in some way related to mobile or communications, go to the site, create a developer account for yourself and upload it.
Thanks for your support!

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1 Comment on “Vodafone Betavine Launches!

  1. A promising initiative. Hope, this will be
    usefull in reshaping the future of Web and
    mobile worlds. I became a member as soon
    as I noticed the launch of the site. I will
    try to participate in the development
    efforts, and get the most of out the
    resources, as well.

    Best regards,

    Ahmet Feyzi Ates
    Software Development Specialist
    Department of New Technologies and Services
    Vodafone Telecommunications Inc.
    Istanbul, Turkey

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