Austin Bound

I’m off to Austin Texas tomorrow for the South by Southwest Interactive festival next week. Good to see that the South by Southwest organizers put together a mobile friendly site at, but it’s pretty bare. I’m starting to get really excited about the rich potential of this medium. My experiences presenting at Future of Web Apps and other places only reinforce my view that developers want to start exploiting the potential of the mobile Web platform. I’ll be presenting on a panel on this topic at 14:00 on Tuesday. I’ll also be attending all the panels that Arun is on and making comments from the back row. Of course, I’ll be evangelizing Vodafone Betavine to anyone who will listen, as well as talking up the work we’re doing in Mobile Web Initiative. Leave a comment here if you’re going to be around and you want to talk to me about these topics or anything else!

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2 Comments on “Austin Bound

  1. I actually think is a pretty good demonstration of a mobi site. It cuts to the chase, thinks about what you want as a mobile user, and provides some pretty useful content (such as film trailers and music clips of the bands playing).

    Perhaps it doesn’t have enough AJAX on it to meet your coolometer :-)

  2. Hi James —

    Actually you’re right, in that does actually provide you the information you need when you’re mobile. It’s a good example of how to provide a targeted mobile user experience, but it doesn’t take advantage of device features too well. Forget Ajax — just by using a bit of CSS, you could create a more coherent user experience with their PC web site and still keep it mobile focused.

    That they have a mobile site at all is a big step forward, however.

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