Holy Hotspots, Batman!

I was amazed to find today that I can detect 9 WiFi networks from my home office location. That’s crazy!  Most of them have SSIDs like “BTHomeHub…” and “BTVOYAGER…” so these are clearly set up by BT engineers. There is even a “BT Fusion…” hotspot so at least one person within a stone’s throw of my house has the new-fangled BT Fusion phone that can hope seamlessly between GSM and your home hotspot. I wish I knew who it was — I’d like to find out how well that works. Apart from my network, there’s only one other with a sensible SSID name. I’m also happy to see that all of them are using security of some kind.

This is not a tech-heavy neighborhood, so it seems like we’ve quietly crossed some kind of threshold with regard to WiFi penetration among the general populace. This could have some interesting unintended consequences as more and more devices (both mobile and otherwise, like the famous Nabaztag rabbit) become WiFi enabled.

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1 Comment on “Holy Hotspots, Batman!

  1. Hey Dan

    I bet if you updated that old G4 PBook you would see a lot more :)

    Just checked out Nabaztag …. looks awful and very irritating! On a more serious note what will happen when we get even higher penetration, I allready have had issues with being thrown off due to shared channels.

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