Annoying Bugs

There are two particularly annoying bugs in the Nokia Series-60 (Webkit-based) Web Browser:

Check-boxes don’t work. In order to “check” a check-box in a form and make it “stick,” you have to click it (so it appears checked), click it again (so it appears not checked) and then move the focus off of the check-box (at which point it will change its state back to checked).

There is a big with the time or time-zone. I have not figured this one out, but on some pages times are misrepresented. In particular, on the “my itineraries” section of the British Airways web site, when I bring up an itinerary it shows me the times of the flights with a one hour off-set (as if I were in CET). The time zone of the phone is set correctly and the time on the phone reads correctly and the same web page brought up on a PC web browser shows the correct time. This bug could have been particularly disastrous for me as I was trying to book a car to the airport yesterday. I brought up my itinerary on the phone and was booking a taxi based on those times. Thanks to a thoughtful American Express employee who bothered to look up my flight numbers, I was saved from probably missing my flight.

And while we’re on the subject of things that piss me off, why does Google (on Firefox on the Mac) insist on showing me pages (such as maps and docs) in German? I’m logged in. It knows who I am. It knows my preferred language is (US) English. But it insists in bringing up pages in German (presumably on the strength that I am in Germany right now). Not helpful.

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4 Comments on “Annoying Bugs

  1. Hi Daniel,

    German pages are the revenge from us Germans for all the English pages we get when using Google/Firefox.

    Just joking. ;-)

  2. Oh, and ou know a way to use the access keys on webkit?

    And what about the totally unusable textarea paradigm (e.g. in Outlook Web Access)?

  3. I agree that firefox should know your language is English.
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