Center for the Handheld Web at RIT?

Center for the Handheld Web at RIT: Who Knew?Most surprising presentation (at least for me) at the Forum Oxford event was from Jeff Sonstein at Rochester Institute of Technology’s “Center for the Handheld Web.” Center for the Handheld Web? I couldn’t believe my eyes — these guys have been dealing with all the issues that we’ve been working through in the Mobile Web Best Practices group and it seems like they’ve come to many of the sameĀ  conclusions. They’ve gone one step further though and worked through some recommendations regarding the use of scripting in the mobile context (read: “Mobile Ajax”). Very cool stuff.

Well done Ajit and Tomi for putting together a great event!

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3 Comments on “Center for the Handheld Web at RIT?

  1. Thanks for the kind words… I have posted
    copies of the long and short versions of the
    slide-set at:

    goingDual.* is the “long version” of the
    slide-set, and goingDual_short.* is the short
    version (which I presented at the conference).
    Both versions are available in several formats.

    Feedback on the presentation and conversation
    on the ideas it contains are both quite


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