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Jaiku Founder Jyri EngeströmOne of the best presentations at the Essential Web event I participated in on Wednesday was from Jaiku. I downloaded the client onto my N73 while the guy was talking and had it up and running in minutes (Ok — I had to sign in using the regular S-60 browser — I should have been able to create an account using the client — but it was still a pretty good experience). The service is somewhat like twitter (“microblogging” as their founder, Jyri, describes it). But the client on S-60 does something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now — it brings presence to your existing address book. For those contacts who are also Jaiku buddies, you can see their latest jaiku line underneath their name and then drill down and find out additional presence info (like if they are in a meeting or whatever). Very very cool.

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