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I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that we ran the first Mobile 2.0 event. Mobile 2.0 was originally conceived last year as a meet-up for the mobilly minded ahead of the Web 2.0 Summit. It quickly turned into much more than that – an event in its own right that put the spotlight on innovation in the Mobile Web and mobile data space in general. I wrote a post before the event trying to put a definition together for Mobile 2.0. Why? Not because I care about creating a new meme (actually the Mobile 2.0 moniker was already been thrown around by many so all I was doing was trying to consolidate it a bit) but because I wanted to highlight a trend that I saw building in the mobile industry. That trend, which has only gathered pace over the past year, is all about the collision of the Mobile and Web industries. This collision is creating huge market disruption and huge opportunities for established and new players in both industries. Take Jaiku, for example. Five guys in Finland create a Twitter clone and the world shrugs. The Google folks who bought them understand that the value Jaiku brought was in the sophisticated way they weaved together the mobile and Web experience. Jaiku was in some ways a prototypical “Mobile 2.0 Company” – a next-generation service offering that brings together the Mobile with the Web in a seamless way such that the sum is greater than the parts.

Web 2.0 Summit Session on Mobile The Crowd at the Mobile Panel at Web 2.0 Summit (2006)

One reason we developed the Mobile 2.0 event last year was the appalling lack mobile-oriented content on the agenda at the Web 2.0 summit. I was on a panel on mobile (the only panel on mobile) at Web 2.0 Summit last year which packed the room. Later that year at their own Web 2.0 Expo, Eric Schmidt told John Battelle that the Web’s biggest growth area is “Mobile, mobile, mobile.”

Well John and O’Reilly Events apparently haven’t got the memo, because once again at this year’s Web 2.0 summit, there is only one single solitary panel covering mobile topics.

Well. If you are attending Web 2.0 this year (as I will be) all I can say is this. If you want to hear the real deal about the future of the Mobile applications, services and the future of the Web itself as it becomes a mobile medium; if you want the rest of the story about the evolution of the way people will create, consume and interact with digital services and communities; if you want to get a glimpse of the future, come to this year’s Mobile 2.0 event on Monday the 15th, up the street at the Hyatt on Union Square Park. You will not be disappointed.

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