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The Web 2.0 Summit had an awful lot of content that didn’t really have much to do with … well … the Web. Besides the whole 700mhz spectrum issue, there was an awful lot of empasis on green tech. Now – I know green is cool. I have no issues with green stuff. However, it doesn’t seem to me there is much overlap between green tech and Web 2.0 — or rather if there is it wasn’t being explored at the Web 2.0 Summit. Was this tendency towards scope creep because there wasn’t enough to talk about at Web 2.0? I don’t think so. For example, the program could have tried to tackle the thorny issues around privacy and social networks, made even more accute by the proliferation of location-aware systems. There are about a hundred topics like this that should have been delved into in more detail. Instead what we got was a very uneven program with some really good bits and some material that frankly seemed more like advertorial. For example, the panel on the future of TV featured a very long presentation and demo by the CEO of Mike Volpi from Joost seemed a bit bemused by the whole thing and as much as said “well – I’m here to talk, not to demo Joost.” The conversation that ensued was quite interesting but could have gone more in-depth and featured more players as well (how about Daniel Graf from In short, I wanted more debate, less pitch.

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  1. I was at a conf a few months ago and a big named CEO was giving the keynote. He didn’t talk about the issues at all. He just walked through the product line. It was annoying. Listening to a sales pitch wasn’t what we were there for.

    All of this makes me love BarCamps and unconferences that much more. They’re more about substance and doing stuff.

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