Yahoo! not “Mine” on Mobile

Just thought I’d note this. My Yahoo! doesn’t appear to be working on the iPhone. Same result on the S60 browser. To be fair, though, the kind of user experience that My Yahoo! provides isn’t particularly suited to the mobile browser. What would be much better would be to provide a mobile-specific experience of the same content (for example, tabs instead of columns, a-la the fantastic iPhone Facebook app).

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2 Comments on “Yahoo! not “Mine” on Mobile

  1. Yeah — I appreciate that Yahoo! has mobile offerings. But the point is that when you visit on an iPhone, this is the experience you get. You don’t even get, for example, a nice message saying “hey – looks like you’re on an iPhone – you might be best served by our mobile site instead.” And actually, when you visit the URL you gave with an iPhone browser, the page that comes up is the PC web page that explains how to user Yahoo! Go. So Mobile Web users are left out in the cold.

    I should mention that not all of Yahoo! is this dumb about mobile. The Yahoo! labs guys who brought us Zonetag, for example, are very savvy about the mobile user experience.

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