Around the World for the Mobile Web

Singapore Airlines Airbus A-380I’ve just had confirmation that, for my flight out to Beijing for the upcoming WWW2008 conference in April, I will be flying the first leg on a Singapore Airlines Airbus A-380 “superjumbo.” The flight will be London to Singapore on the 18th of April and will kick off a round the world trip that I will be taking that week, first hitting Beijing for the W3C Advisory Committee meeting and the WWW2008 conference (where I will be co-chairing a workshop on advanced mobile Web applications) and then flying on to San Francisco where I will be speaking about the Mobile Web and Mobile Ajax at O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo event. It’s going to be a very exciting week, tackling two very different Web conferences and helping to bring a mobile flavor to both, while simultaneously circumnavigating the globe and hopefully taking in some more sights than just hotel rooms and airport lounges along the way. But clearly, one highlight (for me) will be getting to fly part of the way on the A-380. I have to admit: I’m a bit of an air travel nerd, and I’ve been following the saga of the A-380 ever since it was announced by Airbus.

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6 Comments on “Around the World for the Mobile Web

  1. That’s the way to do it, heading East. Less jetlag. (I did it last August, in five stages.) Airbus 380? Nice. Maybe we’ll meet up next week in Barcelona…? Sarah

  2. Dan please take photos of the cabin on the A380. I saw the landing in LA last year and had it fly over my house in SF just this Oct for an air show. I hope you are in business class…..oh the life of the bon vivants.

  3. I just flew from Singapore to Sydney rtn on the A380 over Xmas, it was fantastic. Take your preso’s on a USB stick and edit on star office at your seat in Eco. A lot more room and a lot quieter – enjoy!

  4. If your plans have you near Philadelphia, let me know, I’ll brew up a nice pot of coffee, American style ;) Well, not “normal” American style, more like “High-test-fair-trade-organic” style!

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