W3C to Run Online Mobile Web Training Course

W3C are producing an online training course for mobile Web developers: “An Introduction to W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices” which will run from May 26 to June 20 2008. This will be a great chance to get more information on mobile Web development practices from the experts — highly recommended for any Web developers out there who are interested in getting into mobile.

W3C is organizing an online course to introduce Web developers and designers to W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices.

In this course you will:

    • * learn about the specific promises and challenges of the mobile platform
    • * learn how to use W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices to design mobile-friendly Web content and to mobilize existing content
    • * discover the relevant W3C resources for mobile Web design

Participants will have access to lectures and assignments providing hands-on practical experience with using W3C’s mobile Web Best Practices. They will have direct access to W3C experts on this topic who are the instructors for this course. Participants will also be able to discuss and share experiences with their peers who are faced with the challenges of mobile Web design.

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3 Comments on “W3C to Run Online Mobile Web Training Course

  1. Hi Dan – thanks for the advertising – unfortunately, the course is now full – went much quicker than we thought!


  2. hi dan, we’ve got some interesting research on many of the subjects you are covering, if you send me your email we could keep you updated if you like?

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