Early Stage Startups at Mobile 2.0 Europe

We didn’t announce the startups on the agenda for Mobile 2.0 Europe – we had to keep something back to make for a little suspense. As I write this, the startups are now on stage presenting:

Aka Aki: an exciting mobile social network platform that uses location and proximity (through Bluetooth) to encourage unanticipated interactions – such as looking up the profile of someone you happened to bump into on the street. It does this by tracking the unique Bluetooth addresses of everyone around you and checking these against registered profiles. Creepy? Possibly, but very cool.

Dial2Do: a voice-based platform for access Web 2.0 services (with a special emphasis on hands-free usage, such as from the car).

Shout’Em: A mobile social network out of Croatia that enables micro-blogging, media sharing, the whole shebang.

ViaMobility: A mobile widget play – taking PC widgets from a varierty of platforms onto the mobile. From the mockup of the experience they presented, it looks pretty compelling.

YouLynx: Converging  the mobile / Internet / PC experience, focusing on messaging, blogging, media share and incorporating Geolocation.

Zipiko: Another social utiloty focusing on organizing adhoc social activities, meetups, and enabling “spending time with friends.” Making it easy to communicate your intentions (like: “I’m going to go get a coffee now”) among a circle of friends. I think they’ve got something – the user experience and design is spot-on. Plus it “improves your sex life.”

There you have it. Time for a coffee break!

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