Mobile Internet for Dummies!

Mobile Internet for Dummies LogoDummies everywhere are rejoicing today. Finally, they will be able to know the joys of the Mobile Internet, thanks to a new reference book, of which I am proud to announce I have been a co-author, Mobile Internet for Dummies. Based on the structure of Internet for Dummies (and co-written with that book’s author, John Levine, Michael O’Farrell, Jostein Algroy, James Pearce), Mobile Internet for Dummies takes you through the ins and outs of getting connected and using the mobile Internet (and the mobile Web) from chosing the right phone to mobile blogging and photo sharing, to developing your own mobile Web site. This book demystifies the whole topic of the mobile Internet and hopefully gives people a lot of timely and useful information they can use to get online on the move and make the most of the medium.

As of today, the book is shipping in the US, UK and Canada and you can buy a copy¬† on-line from Amazon (USA), Amazon (UK) or directly from the publisher at Wiley or through the Dummies book site. We’ve also created a resource site at with news, links, downloads, etc…
I’m thrilled to have been involved with this project, not for the least reason that I may get fewer blank looks when I tell people what it is I do. If you’re reading this blog, you may already be a mobile Internet enthusiast or expert, so this book may not be for you. However – consider picking up a copy for those people in your life who have given you that blank stare. With the launch of a “For Dummies” book, nobody can now claim that the mobile Internet is not a mainstream topic.

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