WordPress Brings Mobile Blogging to iPhone

I’m writing this post from the new (free) WordPress iPhone application. Is it the holy grail of mobile blogging? That remains to be seen, but it certainly was easy to install and get up and running (with my own installation of WordPress 2.6 that I have running on Torgo.com). The text creation capability is the same as email and like email there is no way to turn the unit on its aide to get a bigger keyboard. The new 2.0 keyboard seems more accurate and swift than the previous rev though. More on the iPhone update in a later post. Ta Ta for now.

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3 Comments on “WordPress Brings Mobile Blogging to iPhone

  1. Quite honestly, this WP iPhone application is very useful for those quick, inspired, blitz postings to any word press powered blog; I would not spend hours writing a long journal entry on an iPhone.

    The best features of this application worth noting is that you can use this with multiple blogs and you can upload photos directly from your iPhone.

    Also, it is open source!


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