Mobile Tech 4 Social Change London!

On U.S. election day last year, November 4th, I co-organized with Katrin Verclas of MobileActive a Barcamp style event we called “Mobile Tech 4 Social Change” focusing on the increasing role mobile technology is having in social activism, grass-roots organization, social development, and in the developing world. It’s possible we started a movement because MobileActive has gone on to run two more camps since then, in New York and Washington DC. Now Mobile Tech 4 Social Change is coming to London. I’ll be hosting this event on May 23rd in at Vodafone’s offices in London. For all the details and to register, go to’s page on the event. If you’re interesting in helping to build a bridge between the mobile industry and the social activism / social development space then I encourage you to attend!

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  1. Daniel

    We met at SXSW and chatted about 2gether – the festival for social media/social change that I am putting together with Steve Moore of Policy Unplugged.

    Would love to come to the event, and also to talk to you again about how we can develop a mobile strand of content for 2gether. as well as the festival in London, we’re also now planning an event in Birmingham in the autumn.

    Did you go to the Apps for Africa session at SXSW? I have been in touch with some of those guys about the potential of setting up a development fund through 2gether to seed fund mobile apps developments in Africa. Would be really good to talk more to you about this.


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