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I was amused to see that Nokia’s new CEO closed his talk at Nokia World in London by reprising Balmer’s famous “developers, developers, developers” speech. I’ve been talking to a lot of developers lately. I just got through co-organizing and co-presenting Over the Air and I’ll shortly be heading to San Francisco to help put on another event – Mobile 2.0, which includes a developer day and a “business” day. I’ll also be heading over to SuperHappyDevHouse to talk with yet mote developers.  I want to talk to developers about what’s going on with HTML5, the social Web (and especially OneSocialWeb), the WAC, the Mobile Web Application Best Practices, and the re-launch of Vodafone Developer. I’m also very excited to hear from our line-up of speakers at the Mobile 2.0 Developer Day about what they think are the key issues facing developers today. And I hope to hear from many developers about what their issues are – what they think we as an industry should be focusing on.

By the way, get in touch with me by dropping a note here or through the Social Web to get a discount code for Mobile 2.0 if you want to come along.

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  1. Remember early on in the Web’s history when HTML was no where NEAR good enough to represent text as well as Adobe’s PostScript was already doing? Yet the Web still succeeded, right? There are many HTML5 detractors out there, but we’re already well beyond that same point now in using standards-based technologies to create great mobile experiences.

    Only one caveat: in mobile, the WebKit-based browsers rule. Yeah, there are a few playing catch-up (Fennec, from Mozilla, eg), but WebKit is on Apple, Android and now RIM. Unless Fennec supports the WebKit CSS extensions for easing, transitions, etc., I’m not sure it can make headway.

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