10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2013

Some predictions from The Next Web on what Web design trends we will see in 2013. I agree with all except no. 9 (which is actually at odds with no. 1). I agree people will be spending more money on responsive (Web) design in 2013 precisely because they realize it is more versatile than replacing web sites with apps. That's not to say that apps won't also flourish in 2013, but they play a different role than mobile web sites. For a concrete example, when I viewed this article off a link shared off of Facebook, on my iPad, it came through in a web view that was not very well suited to my device (buttons too small, not very well suited to touch, etc…) The answer to this would be a responsive design, not a fancy Next Web app or iMagazine which would a content silo therefore not well integrated into sharing off of social networks, etc…

By the way, some of these predictions (e.g. more social sharing) have already come true. #blogthis

Well, it is that time of year where we start to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year. In 2012 we have seen several new trends appear in web design, one of the …

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