xkcd: ISO 8601

XKCD has hit the nail on the head with this one. Listen people: if you use a numeric date notation, it can be ambiguous because different countries use different order of information: eg day/month/year or month/day/year. The only non-ambiguous numeric notation of date is YYYY-MM-DD. I find it stupefying that in this modern age, this age of a global Web, people are still using these ambiguous date formats on their Web sites. Maybe as an American living in the UK, and having launched a UK version of a US dot-com, I'm especially sensitized to this issue? The most recent example I've come across is the TechCrunch events listings side bar – and TechCrunch is (supposed to be) a global brand? Anyway – great to see someone else is as irked by this as I am. #petpeeve #blogthis #iso8601

Public Service Announcement: Our different ways of writing dates as numbers can lead to online confusion. That’s why in 1988 ISO set a global standard numeric date format. This is *the* correct way to…

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