Should We Put A QR Code On The Planet Money T-Shirt? : NPR

I don't get how so many people can be so vehemently opposed to the QR code, and not only that, but that people somehow view the QR code as being a weapon of "marketing." In my mind, the QR code is about openness. You may not like the looks of it, but it is a "democratizing" technology. It's open – anyone can create one – and it can point to a URL, which is itself an open pointer to anywhere on the Web. In contrast, other similar mechanisms (e.g. NFC) are usually closed and proprietary in nature. It actually reminds me of the equally misguided negative reaction to the URL itself in the early days of the Web.

Paging +Terence Eden.


We don’t want to take sides on this one; we want you to decide

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