So I’m fiddling around with the Blogger template, adding links and such, and I think to myself: “I wonder if this thing produces HTML that is at all accessible?” (As in conforms to the W3C’s accessibility guidelines.) So I test it against a W3C HTML checker for starters. Bzzzt! Thanks for playing! Actually, it’s got basic, across-the-board HTML problems. Too bad, because it’s kind of nice looking. I may try fiddling with it to get it into shape, but the problem seems to be that you can only do so much — there are server-side inclusions that you don’t seem to have any control over. For instance, Blogger seems to be putting in a meta tag claiming that the page is in UTF-8 encoding, when in fact it’s not. Oops!

Doesn’t anyone have “home pages” any more? Whatever happened to “home pages?” Whatever happened to finger files, for that matter? You know — time was that you could find out about anyone on the internet by typing (yes typing) a command like “finger user@something.something” and it would come back with some useful information. I say bring back Finger.

So I’ve finally decided to start a blog. I must be the last person on Earth. I think there are tribesmen somewhere in the Amazon Rain-forest that are already blogging away. It’s ironic, because I was one of the first people to publish a “Zine” (back when we had Zines, back when people were shocked — shocked! — that someone might use the Internet for commercial purposes). Blogging, I’ve always had a bad association with — something about being exhibitionist/ narcissistic. Yet here I am. So I’ve just found out that the spell checker on this thing (Blogger’s text entry widget) doesn’t have the words “blog” or “blogging” in it. Does anyone actually use this thing?