I’m very excited to announce that on September 7th I will be co-presenting, with my friend and fellow Mobile Monday organizer C. Enrique Ortiz, a Barcamp-style event in Austin, Texas! The event will focus on mobile widgets and we are looking to bring in presenters and participants from all across the spectrum of companies and industry efforts involved in this burgeoning space. The event will feature a mix of structured and unstructured time, with both a program of speakers (to be announced but including speakers from OMTP and W3C) and an open schedule on which participants can write in their own sessions. If you’d like to attend, just put your name on the wiki (see link above). If you’d like to present in one of the pre-programmed slots, please get in touch with myself of Enrique.

Over the Air kicks off tomorrow at Imperial College London. But we’re already getting some great press from the Guardian’s Jemima Kiss. And they even spelled my name right! The innovation that’s going to drive this converged Mobile/Web industry forward is going to come from the kind of people who are coming to this event. Jemima called it a “festival” in her article. That’s right, I think. Over the Air will be more than a development conference and more than a code camp. It must be a rallying cry for the mobile developer community. I’m off to Imperial College London to start stuffing bags for tomorrow’s attendees. If you’re coming to Over the Air, I’ll see you tomorrow, and if not you’ll have to read about it in the papers.

I’ve been working for a while now with the folks at BBC Backstage, Imperial College London and Betavine to put an event that has had many incarnations, but has now coalesced into its final form: Over the Air. With an expected attendance of over 450 and multiple conference tracks including talks on a range of Mobile technologies and disciplines, it’s safe to say that this is the most logistically complex event I’ve ever worked on. The result, I’m hoping, will be something entirely new: a new kind of mobile developer event that brings together the best aspects of a “code camp” with some great talks and hands-on “master class” session from thought leaders in mobile development. We’ve got Microsoft, Adobe, Nokia, Google, Sun, Thoughtworks, W3C and that’s just for starters. We’ve also got a strong element of user experience and design with speakers from Idean, Fling Media and more. Speaker list is on the site and program details will be posted to the Web site soon. If you want to get a glimpse of the future of mobile platform innovation, register for this event and come join us at Imperial College London campus in South Kensington on the 4th and 5th of April. Did I mention that registration is free?

…it must be the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards! I’m sitting in the speakers’ lounge watching people file into the Espacio Movistar here in sunny Barcelona. Last year, we had 23 start-ups from 23 cities around the world presenting on stage. The atmosphere was electric. This year, with an even bigger venue and more start-ups, I’m even more excited to be here and to participate on the judging panel. This is also where the global Mobile Monday community is coming together – to network and to celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship in the mobile space.

This year I’m more excited than ever about Mobile World Congress (née 3GSM). But the excitement at this year’s event won’t be at the event. It will be at two amazing side-events: the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards happening on Monday the 11th and the Mobile Jam Session on the 12th. At last year’s Global Peer Awards, we had 23 mobile start-ups from 23 Mobile Monday cities around the World presenting on stage. We had companies like Skyhook Wireless (which has recently achieved some fame as the technology behind the location awareness function in iPhone), RealEyes3D (which went on to be selected as a Red Herring top 100 companies in Europe as well as other accolades), and MobileComplete (which was also selected by Red Herring and took the world by storm with their DeviceAnywhere product). A full list of 2007 participants is available here. This year, it’s your chance to see more early-stage companies and innovative mobile services – before they become famous and stop returning your calls. The Mobile Jam Session will be a unique industry event, bringing together a spectrum mobile developers for a kind of un-conference that will combine a “code camp” style with a creatively driven workshop structure. After hearing who has so far signed up, I’m more fired up than ever about this event. W3C will also be out in force at the conference itself, promoting the release of MobileOK as a “Candidate Recommendation” and the release of an open source code library that allows content developers to more easily test …

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Here I am again in Barcelona, a year after attending my first 3GSM event (the Euro-centric mobile industry’s yearly love-fest). Last year, I was an observer. This year, my schedule is packed. I’m attending Tim Berners-Lee’s keynote tomorrow morning. I’m being a judge at the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards tomorrow afternoon. On Tuesday, I’ll be at the W3C booth promoting our work in Mobile Web Initiative. On Thursday, I’ll be attending the dotMobi Advisory Group meeting at the Wireless Developers Forum and speaking on a panel at the iHollywood Forum. Finally on Thursday I’ll be on a panel at 3GSM itself (although I’m still not listed on the conference Web site. Of course, throughout all of this, I’ll be talking to anyone who wants to listen about Vodafone Betavine! Last year, 3GSM was all about MobileTV. This year, mobile Internet will be front and center. My schedule this week is one measure of this increased focus on the Mobile Internet. I’m particularly excited about the Mobile Monday event tomorrow, where we’ll be featuring 20+ exciting start-ups from around the world competing for peer recognition. I’m also looking forward to spending some time just walking the floor and seeing what the flavor of mobile innovation is this year. If you’re here at 3GSM this week, leave a comment here or come find me at Mobile Monday tomorrow and say “hi.” (or ask me about Vodafone Betavine!) One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be a frenetic week.

I’ve been working with the folks at Mobile Monday New York and SVG.org to develop an event on mobile SVG for the end of this month. The theme will be SVG on mobile devices and we’ll be featuring presentations from Qualcomm, Opera, Ikivo Sun, Beatware and others. Antoine Quint of has put together an excellent roster of speakers and Lubna Dajani and the folks at MoMo NYC have lined up a great venue (the Samsung Experience at the Time Warner Center). For more details, or to register for the event, please visit the event web site.

I’ll be at 3GSM this year again. I’m expecting (and hoping) this year’s event to be more interesting than last year’s. At the last event, it was all about MobileTV. This time, the Mobile Web will be front and center. I will be attending mainly in support of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, which will have an increased presence (at the ignominiously designated 7D56 booth in Hall 7 – hopefully better placement than last year). We will also hopefully be featuring a special speaker this year on the mobile Web which I think will get people talking. We will also be running a Mobile Monday “Global Peer Awards” event there this year, which is certainly a step up from the informal gathering around the Finpro booth we held last year. Rudy at Mobile Monday Barcelona has put together a great event with some help from Helsinki and some of the other chapters. I’ll be acting as a judge at the awards. This will be the 3rd annual Global Peer Awards, although the first to run at 3GSM (the last two ran at the Mobile Monday Global Summit in Helsinki). The awards will once again be throwing the spotlight on innovation in the Mobile community by featuring an array of start-up companies put forward by Mobile Monday chapters from around the world. If you’re going to be in Barcelona, I urge you to register early to be a part of this event before the space fills up. I guarantee it’ll be like nothing else you’re likely to …

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Krunk! Originally uploaded by Mike Rowehl. Well, it’s a month on from the mobile2.0 event in San Francisco (only a month? It seems like ages ago) and what have we learned. The mobile2.0 meme seems to be taking hold in a fairly distributed fashion, which is good. We’ve had good press coverage and the linkbacks keep appearing on the “what is mobile2.0” article on this blog, which I think is an encouraging sign that I was making some kind of sense. That post, by the way, was written on a Virgin Atlantic 747 on the way to San Francisco from London. By the way, this is a picture of Mike Rowehl and myself enjoying some richly deserved gin martinis at the reception after the event. The grins on our faces say it all: “thank god it’s over!” We’re now talking about doing another one next year around the same time (sandwiched between Web 2.0 and CTIA which returns to San Francisco next year). Please post thoughts and suggestions about format, etc… either here or on the event blog.